Ode to Dutch fashion!

Dit is zo leuk! Gevonden dankzij deze blog.

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Yesterday we went to the opening of the fashion exhibition “Ode to Dutch Fashion”.  The museum highlights well known names like Viktor & Rolf and the fact that the dress worn by Queen Maxima at King Willem-Alexander’s coronation, designed by Jan Taminiau, is on show. These are great designers but they aren’t the most spectaculair at this exhibition; it’s the exhibition itself that’s so great! Wandering trough the rooms filled with all these designs, (new and older ones side by side) paintings and the custom-made photo series, is really the best experience. Well, it made us happy, hope you like it too! 

“Ode to Dutch Fashion features more than a hundred creations from the history of fashion in the Netherlands from 1900 to 2015. The exhibition has been designed by Maarten Spruyt and Tsur Reshef. The accompanying catalogue will be published by Waanders & de Kunst, and will include articles by Bianca du Mortier, Pascale Gorguet Ballesteros, Madelief Hohé and Georgette Koning. The photographs are by Sabrina Bongiovanni, who has photographed the historical collection and modern designs in typically Dutch settings: on a dike, in a tulip field, and amid the bustle of the city.”

(Ode to Dutch Fashion. Sept 20, 2015 until Feb 7, 2016)

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