Koude Oorlog Erfgoed

In december kwamen de deelnemers van het European Cold War Heritage Network twee dagen bijeen in Nederland om te discussiëren en meer te leren over het Europese erfgoed uit de Koude Oorlog. EHT volgde de groep tijdens hun bezoek aan Vliegbasis Soesterberg – een voormalige Nederlands-Amerikaanse militaire luchtmachtbasis die natuurgebied en erfgoedlocatie is geworden – […]

An Mhór-Roinn, The continent

Growing up in Northern Ireland’s county Armagh, Tomaí Ó Conghaile was just one kilometre away from the border of the Republic of Ireland, where children typically start learning Irish at age five. But for the first decade of his life, Tomaí says that he barely encountered the language at all. He only started learning Irish […]

“Poetry is a safe place to think unthinkable thoughts”

On a crisp November afternoon, Are We Europe sat with Kopano Tiyana Maroga on a busy café terrace. Maroga’s debut poetry collection, Jesus Thesis and Other Critical Fabulations, lay on the table alongside hot drinks billowing steam. The performer and artist is also a cultural worker and does house dramaturgy at the Viernulvier arts centre […]

Life with migrants

Snow is falling over Lipa, a temporary camp for migrants, 30 kilometres away from the city of Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It snowed last night and it’s snowing again tonight. It’s not falling in my neighbourhood yet— maybe just a snowflake or two— and I’ve never looked forward to it less. After Lipa, snow will […]

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