Waarom ‘de ziel van Europa’?

Europa wordt aangevallen. We kunnen deze dreiging alleen afwenden als Europa eensgezind is. Zolang eensgezindheid ontbreekt, is Europa een speelbal van kwade machten.

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unanimously defending human dignity

Colonial ghost

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From Politico: Belgium’s attempts to face its brutal colonial past continue to run into problems.

After two years of work by a parliamentary committee, a report was produced earlier this year, along with political recommendations for the next steps the country should take. But the full report and recommendations have not been made public.

The bone of contention? Apologize to former colonies, including today’s Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

Apologizing for colonial misdeeds is not in the cards just yet but as a good first step, authorities unveiled an art installation this month. Which aims to make historical sense of the colonial monument in Brussels’ Cinquantenaire Park that glorifies the Belgian colonizers of the Congo: https: //

The monument has often been the target of vandalism in recent years. Visitors to the park can now read the context on panels in front of the monument and access additional information via a QR code.

Yet a formal apology for Belgium’s atrocities during the time of Leopold II remains a big no-no for the country. Source VRT News.

Read the article from Politico here:

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