Waarom ‘de ziel van Europa’?

Europa wordt aangevallen. We kunnen deze dreiging alleen afwenden als Europa eensgezind is. Zolang eensgezindheid ontbreekt, is Europa een speelbal van kwade machten.

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unanimously defending human dignity

Europe, without America

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With Trump’s possible return to power, the Europeans are reconsidering their strategic autonomy. Could a “Weimar triangle” be the solution?

Europeans eagerly watched the Republican primaries in the United States, hoping and looking for signs that Donald Trump would not become the next GOP presidential candidate, let alone the next president. But with each primary and each election result, the probability increases, and with it the fear on our side of the Atlantic that “America First” could return to the White House and leave “Europe alone.”

Anyone who remembers Trump’s first term in office and listens carefully to what he says now is rightly concerned about the future of the transatlantic partnership in the event of a second Trump administration. plans are reportedly circulating to replace the bureaucratic apparatus in Washington (which, from a European perspective, has dampened many of President Trump’s impulsive decisions) with loyal MAGA supporters. Altho ghad Congress ensured last year that a president cannot simply withdraw the United States from NATO, it is not necessary to leave the alliance to weaken it from within or to undermine its core, the Article 5 mutual defense clause.

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