Waarom ‘de ziel van Europa’?

Europa wordt aangevallen. We kunnen deze dreiging alleen afwenden als Europa eensgezind is. Zolang eensgezindheid ontbreekt, is Europa een speelbal van kwade machten.

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The Legend of Merlin

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is perhaps one of the earliest manifestations of European egalitarianism: The table was round so that no one, not even the king, would sit at the head and each would weigh equally . The twelve stars in the European Union flag seem to refer to the twelve knights – 24 knights are also mentioned. The duodecimal system is early European and (except on the clock face) has been supplanted by the simpler annotation in Arabic numerals in the decimal system. In the European flag, the twelve stars allegedly symbolize the halo around Mary’s head, but I actually like the symbolism of the Round Table better: every participating Member State is seen as equal: sovereign and therefore with veto power.

I read the following news item today on Scientias:

The fragments, carelessly tucked away in the binding of other books in the fifteenth century, date from the early thirteenth century.

That is what British researchers say after they have thoroughly examined the seven fragments. However, their research not only results in a fairly accurate dating of the fragments; the scientists also managed to read the entire text, which was no longer visible to the naked eye in places due to damage. They also managed to determine what kind of ink the writer used to put Merlin’s story on parchment.

Merlin is a wizard who plays an important role in the famous legend of King Arthur. In the fragments that were recently recovered, it is described, among other things, how King Arthur – together with a few allies, including Merlin – takes up arms against King Claudas. Merlin devises a plan of attack. And a detailed description of the battle follows. That battle seems to be turning against Arthur and his companions, but then Merlin makes a fiery argument and the tide is turned.

From: Science. (

Image: Merlin Taking Away The Infant Arthur By: Newell Convers Wyeth, found at:

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